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  • What do I need to supply?
    For us to be able to provide the best possible quote we need to know quantity, size, material and image details.

    Do you have a price list?
    In our experience every job is slightly different so we do not have a standardised price list. Our pricing is based on how long the project will take to complete, quantity of items and the type of material being laser engraved. If we need to spend time on the imagery to make it into a laser ready format that too can have an effect on price.

    What do I need to supply?
    Our preference is a black and white vector if possible with etch areas in black and any cut line in red with a line width 0.25mm thick. If you have an image you would like to have varying etch depths then use another primary colour for that detail too. Please ensure colours are in RGB format.

    Can you set up my file for me?
    No problem, we are more than happy to set up your image into a laser ready file at a small cost. We will need the highest possible resolution image you can get, whether it is a scan or photograph in black and white if possible.

    Can you etch something I want to supply?
    Most certainly, send us a photo of what it is when requesting a quote. If it is easier get the items delivered directly to us to save on postage that’s no problem at all.

    What are your minimum order quantities?
    We do not have a minimum order quantity and are more than happy to do one offs but the more you order the cheaper the item price becomes.

    How does your pricing work?
    Pricing is typically based on the cost of materials/goods plus the time it takes on the laser plus any creative (if required).

    How long will my order take?
    Our usual delivery is within 10 working days unless we have said otherwise for any reason, most work is completed within 5 working days. If you have a rush job that you need turning around urgently let us know and we will often be able to accommodate you.

    Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we regularly ship worldwide and endeavour to search for the most competitive prices in order to make it as cost effective as possible for our customers.